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Heidi Davidson




As an insecure child, growing up in a suburb of Detroit, Heidi L. Davidson struggled to articulate her feelings, and had difficulty speaking publicly. Once she discovered short stories, poetry, and skits, she soon realized that writing would become an expression for her words, as well as her creativity.

When she was around the ages of 10 and 14, she performed in two different plays at her church, which she also wrote and directed.

Although verbal interaction was still extremely challenging for her, she somehow found her “voice” in the form of journaling strategically placed “ink blots” as a therapeutic outlet.

Through a series of relational train wrecks and healing encounters, Heidi has learned to overcome debilitating anxiety, as well as make more healthy connections with people. Knowing there are so many others who are on a similar journey of learning to navigate dysfunctional relationships and frustrating self-sabotaging patterns, Heidi is passionate to share the insights she has come to discover, in order to help others experience healing and freedom.


After many years of expanding her collection of journals and notebooks, she finally came to terms with the fact that she has a story to share, and her book is not going to just write itself. A process that began at the end of September has taken nearly a year to complete her very first book, entitled: “PUZZLE PEACE- A Journey of Heart Recovery and Peace Beyond Understanding”. The book is available to purchase on Amazon.

Married 27 years, Heidi and her husband, Larry, have a blended family, which includes their five adult children, Andy, Craig, Ashley, Cody, and Austin. Heidi and Larry currently reside in Westfield, Indiana, with their cats (“fur children”): Astrid, Axl, and Cadence.



Imagine a world where people stopped taking their cues from the accuser…you know, the worn out plot that attempts to keep us locked into staying in our assigned categories, based on color, gender, economic status, “vax” vs. “un-vax”, or whatever other “name tags” are trying to be put on us. You may find it quite
interesting to learn that the Greek word for “category” is “kategoria”, which actually translates to, “accusation”; “to speak against; to accuse, assert, predicate”. What if we just stopped coming into agreement with this divisive narrative? The truth is we are wired for connection, not disconnection. People are labeled, and lied to-causing them to live completely contrary to their originally intended design-
and then they wonder why they don’t have peace. It’s time we “break up” with the lies being told to us about our identity and purpose. I imagine a better reality…a
world where denial of the true human condition is shattered, the brokenness of our hearts are healed and recovered, and we are free to walk in forgiveness, restoration, wholeness, and connection. Isn’t it time that you reconnect with your own heart, so you’re able to connect with others in the way you were meant to live? If you are anxious and feeling disconnected, you’re not alone. I know what it’s like to feel that way. I don’t claim to have it all together, but, as I’ve been on my own journey of heart recovery, I can tell you my life is no longer bound or defined by anxiety!
There’s a reason you’re here. We are a community. Let’s connect and share our part of the bigger picture…as we do this, a vision of what is possible becomes clearer. You are loved and you’re on your way to discover where you are meant to connect. You belong!


We see His mysterious signature of the creation of many distinct particles as part of a whole unit intended to
function together in unity. In essence, He knit the whole world together as a colorful and creative expression and
extension of Himself.

Heidi Davidson,

Puzzle Peace (Chapter 1)

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